April 2022 ‘Nouncements

Greetings from the California Bay Area, Chapter CA-3.  We are starting to get back in the swing of meeting in person!  It is a smaller group, but so nice to see each other and hug!

We met in January to celebrate the New Year.  The meeting was hosted by CA-3 member Susan Johnston and Loyal Escort Vern Smith. 

At the February meeting, hosted by Loyal Escort Rose Otto, we celebrated Valentines Day, and the Anniversary of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve.

At the March meeting, hosted by Loyal Escort Angie Fredekind, we celebrated St Patrick’s Day.  Loyal Escort Vern Smith surprised us all bringing several bottles of wine for raffle prizes!  A bottle of   Jarhead Red, and 3 bottles of various wines with specially made labels designating the 1st Lt. Frank S. Reasoner Marine Corps League # 919, of which several members of CA-3 are also members.   These special bottles of wine went first, each winner very excited to win one.

As a member of the combined American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard, CA-3 member Susan Johnston participated in 7 funerals/memorial services for veterans during this 3 month period.

When  I asked the members of CA-3 for items to include in this newsletter, Loyal Escort Vern Smith sent this to me:

“I’ve been associated with California Chapter CA-3 as a Loyal Escort for several years.  All stemming from an invitation to visit a meeting by 3 Women Marines that also belonged to the same Marine Corps League Detachment that I do.

After a couple of visits, I decided to join this group of WM’s.  I have enjoyed my time spent with them and they have always made me feel most welcome.  They are very dedicated Marines.

Chapter meetings are always started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a prayer, which unlike the MCL includes mention of those Marines that are in Harms Way.  The MCL only prays for their dead and missing in action. they could learn a lot from the WMA.

After the prayer and the pledge, the president announces points of news interest in the current day Marine Corps.  She then recognizes the members seated around the table and asks them to announce what they have done since the previous meeting.  The results of these announcements can often be curious, informative & hilarious.

Meetings are held at a popular Hofbrau with great food.  One or more of the members on a rotating basis serves as host(s) supplying deserts and raffle prizes.  There is always a cake cutting ceremony on the Marine Corps Birthday.

During the year, a member and her husband have a bar-b-que at their home.  It is a very well attended and shows how sociable these ladies are.  WMA conventions are also well attended.

I just can’t say enough about this wonderful association of Marines.  They simply represent all the goodness of our motto, “Semper Fi!”

Vern Smith, USMC 58 – 64”

Thank you Vern for these kind words. 

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