January 2022 ‘Nouncements

Greetings from the California Bay Area, Chapter CA-3.  In October, CA-3 was able to meet face to face for the first time in over a year and a half.  What a welcome sight to see sisters and friends face to face. 

Also in October, Loyal Escort Vern Smith, stated that the Marine Corps League Detachment 919 restarted in person membership meetings. 

The Detachment worked with Toys-4-Tots at the Fourth Force Recon Marines in

Alameda, California.  They worked at the warehouse at the Naval Training Center,

did pick-ups and deliveries (mostly using their own personal vehicles

as Recon is reorganizing and has given up most of their military vehicles), and they watched

Tractor-Trailers delivering many expensive boxed toys direct from manufacturers.

All in all, Toys-4-Tots was very successful here in 2021.

CA-3 Member Kathleen Wright was honored twice during this time period.

First, she was the October Marine Corps League Detachment 919 Marine of the month!

Kathy has been a member of the Women Marines Association since 2005 and served as AD-10 from 2010-2012, as the National 1st Vice President from 2014-2016 and National 3rd VP 2018-2019.  She has served as CA-3 President/Historian and currently serves as Vice President/Treasurer.

On Wednesday, October 27, CA-3 member Kathleen Wright was interviewed by Rob Fladeboe of KRON News, Channel 4 at the Santa Clara Veteran’s Memorial located in Central Park.  They wanted to interview a woman veteran who served during Vietnam for a series they were running in connection with Veteran’s Day.  The interview lasted for about an hour and at the conclusion, Rob edited the film down to a 2.5 minute segment for airing on the daily news.  The segment actually ran several times on Friday,

Kathleen served from 1965-1977 and was in the first company of women to serve a 13 month tour at Camp Smedley D. Butler on Okinawa Here is the printed promo of the interview:

Honoring women who served during the Vietnam War


by: Rob Fladeboe

Posted: Oct 29, 2021 / 12:26 PM PDT 

Bottom of Form

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KRON) – As Veterans Day approaches, we are honoring those who served their country in military service at home and abroad.

In the spotlight is a veteran who served during the Vietnam War, one of the few women to have served in the Marine Corps.

Among those who deserve thanks for their service to our country is Kathleen Wright of Santa Clara, a former captain in the United States Marine Corps.

Captain Wright retired from the Marine Corps after serving from 1964 to 1976.

She was one of just 2,000 women to wear the uniform during the Vietnam War.

I rendezvoused with Kathleen recently at the Veterans Memorial in Santa Clara, which is graced by the names of Captain Wright and many other veterans.

She is honored, but it wasn’t always what way for the Vietnam-era veterans.

Times have changed for the better, but Wright says it was a different world for women in the military in those days. Despite being held to a higher standard, Wright rose through the ranks from admin clerk to computer systems at the Pentagon that led to a long career later as an aerospace engineer back in the Bay Area.

Proudly wearing her Women Marines hat bearing the medals she earned, Kathleen says she never misses an opportunity to thank her fellow veterans for their service and is always touched when someone says that to her.”

Here is the link to the actual interview:    https://www.kron4.com/news/veterans-voices/honoring-women-who-served-during-the-vietnam-war/

At the November meeting, hosted by Kathy Wright, the Marine Corps birthday was celebrated, with the oldest Marine present – Maggie Hart, passing the first piece of cake to the youngest Marine present – Bonnie Dabalos-Castro.

At the December meeting, hosted by Loyal Escort Cheryl Christensen, all present participated in a gift exchange. 

As a member of the combined American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard, CA-3 member Susan Johnston participated in 6 funerals/memorial services for veterans during this 3 month period.

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