January 2021 ‘Nouncements

Greetings to all from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Hope everyone is staying safe.  Not much to report again this quarter.  California continues to ‘shelter in place’.  The Bay Area has some of the strictest shelter in place directives.   We do meet monthly via Zoom meetings.  Loyal Escorts  Elaine Vallecillo-Miller and Greg Miller host the Zoom meetings.

In addition to our monthly Zoom meetings, CA-3 also keeps in touch via weekly emails.

With the stricter shelter in place regulations, the combined American Legion/Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard that I am a part of has once again stopped conducting services.  Most of the members are in the high-risk category.  One of the last services we did was sadly for one of our own Honor Guard members – Ted Hoppenwrath.  During the short time we were doing services, the Honor Guard participated in 4 services.

Our Veteran’s Day ceremony, and Marine Corps Birthday celebration, were both held virtually.   We also participated in the laying of Wreaths with Wreaths Across America.  We did not hold our usual ceremony, and only a very small number of volunteers were permitted.  Advance signup was required.

One of our members – Janet Johnson – was reading a book about the history of Women Marines and came across a picture that was familiar.  As she says …”Memories from CamPen. 

Following graduation from Marine Corps Bootcamp at Parris Island, SC in April of 1965, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA.  My first job was as a clerk typist at Battalion Headquarters, reporting to SSgt Cary Peeples and Sgt. Major Wm. Bean.  Battalion Headquarters was located in a Quonset Hut (pictured below behind me) which was a totally new experience for me… but then, so was Marine Corps Bootcamp!!!

Sgt. Major Bean had a sign posted (in the dirt) out front that read, “Keep Off The Grass”.  I still remember him handing a rake to the unsuspecting young marine that had casually walked across the Sgt. Major’s “grass”!

I visited Camp Pendleton many years later, but there was nothing left of the Quonset Huts, or my old barracks.  Unlike Parris Island, which I also visited, and found many places I well-remembered, there was nothing familiar left at Camp Pendleton… sigh…”

Janet (Bowman) Johnson WMA – CA3

On a brighter note, with the limited availablility of the new vaccine, some of CA-3 members are at the top of the list!  CA-3 member Lily Brockmeier, working in Health Care Services, has received her first vaccination.

Stay safe everyone.  Have a great year.  Semper Fi

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