July 2020 ‘Nouncements

Greetings to all from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Hope everyone is staying safe.  Not much to report this quarter. A lot of the Bay Area is still under shelter in place directives, and we have not been able to meet face to face.  Our events are being cancelled – no 4th of July parade this year. No gatherings.  We keep in touch via weekly emails. 

Many of our members are retired.  Those members stay home more than before.  Many are unable to visit friends and relatives.  It can be lonely, and we try to keep each other’s spirits up.  Some of our members are ‘essential workers’ and have continued to report to work every day under the new guidelines.  Some of our members continued to work, but from home.  Some of the home working members are being recalled to the workplace.  Some of us simply lost our jobs.  In some cases, only a temporary loss, until the business can reopen.  We are all not under the same restrictions – depending on which county we live in, as some counties have had to slow their re-opening.  But we are keeping in touch with each other and looking forward to gathering once again.

Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart, I must report the passing of one of our long-time members. Barbara Naas reported to her final command on 14 May 2020.  Barbara enlisted in the Marine Corps on April 26th, 1950, serving until September 23rd, 1954, when she was discharged as a Sergeant.  She was a clerk-typist, serving at Parris Island, Henderson Hall, and Treasure Island.  One of her duties was being assigned to the Colonel who was the editor of the Leatherneck Magazine!  Besides being a longtime member of CA-3, Barbara was also the Historian of CA-3 for several years.  At the Biennial Conventions, Barbara won the coveted first place banner for her work on the CA-3 History Book on more than one occasion.   Barbara rarely missed a meeting, and was one of our guiding lights when marching in the 4th of July Parade thru downtown Redwood City.  While marching along, whenever we marched in front of an announcing booth, the announcer made a point of saying that Redwood City resident Barbara Naas was a Marine Corps Veteran marching in the parade.  The last couple of years she did ride in one of the military vehicles rather than marching, but she was there. 

Sgt. Barbara (Hannaford) Naas

Rest in peace Barbara.  You are missed.  Until we meet again. 

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