October 2019 ‘Nouncements

Greetings from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Chapter CA-3.  We continue to have monthly meetings. July, celebrating the Nation’s Independence, was hosted by CA-3 members Lily Brockmeier and Molly Howe.  September’s theme was Fall, hosted by CA-3 member Nancy Zaunbrecher-Payne.  Our very special August meeting was hosted by CA-3 member Bonnie Dabalos-Castro and Loyal Escort Patti Ellison.  For this meeting, we met in Bonnie’s newly remodeled backyard for our 1st (and hopefully not last) Annual Summer Cook-out and Barbeque

Getting the yard ready
Picnic time

Bonnie’s husband, Paul, was the chef, cooking hamburgers grilled to order, hotdogs, chicken, and sausages!  Also available were a variety of side dishes. No one went away hungry.   We had three special guests at this meeting – Ron Saunders from the Lt Frank Reasoner Detachment, Marine Corps League # 919, Elizabeth Johnson, and her daughter Olivia Armand.  Olivia is a high school Senior who is interested in joining the Marine Corps.  She was invited to our meeting so that she (and her mother) could talk to CA-3 members (and spouses) and receive all kinds of information from women who served during a variety of times in the Marine Corps.  They were also able to talk to one of our members who is the mother of a currently serving Woman Marine.  Arrangements were made for Olivia and her mother to speak to a currently serving Woman Marine stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area.  All in all – a very successful meeting and we are already looking forward to our 2nd Annual CA-3 Barbeque!

The gang

During this period, CA-3 President Susan Johnston participated in a “We Will Never Forget 9/11” fundraising dinner.  The American Legion James McDermott Post # 172 provided the Honor Guard. 

Also, during this quarter, CA-3 President Susan Johnston participated in 3 Memorial Services/funerals as part of the combined Veterans of Foreign Wars/American Legion Honor Guard giving military honors to Veterans.

Semper Fi

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