April 2019 ‘Nouncements

Greetings from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  In January, CA-3 celebrated the New Year, at the meeting hosted by CA-3 members Susan Johnston and Nell Marie Forsey.    In February, at the meeting hosted by CA-3 Vice President and Treasurer, Kathy Wright we celebrated the Birthday of the Women Marines – with the traditional cake cutting ceremony.  The oldest Marine present – Zita Cussary, passed the traditional first piece of Birthday Cake to the youngest Marine present – Angelina Miller.  

 In March, at the meeting hosted by CA-3 member Barbara Naas and Loyal Escort Sarah Rivera, we celebrated St Patricks Day, with everyone wearing green.

Verne Smith, Kathy Wright
Susan Johnston, Donald Johnston

 During this time period, CA-3 member Lynn Giadrone and Loyal Escort Paul Giadrone showed their continued support of veterans by attending meetings in support of building a new VA facility in the San Joaquin Valley – a project eagerly anticipated by the multitude of Veterans in the area.  They have been attending these meetings since 2005!

Loyal Escort Donald Johnston attended  the Vietnam Moving Wall Fundraising Breakfast, an event to help pay the expenses to bring the Vietnam moving wall to Stockton.   All Veterans were invited, and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast as part of the program.

CA-3 President Susan Johnston participated in 1 funeral/memorial service as a member of the combined American Legion/Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard.

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