Meeting Recap – January 2019

Our chapter got together to celebrate the start to another new year!

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Happy New Year!

The Division for Women Veterans Affairs at Calvet is growing! Four work study students joined our team in December 2018 and they are busy. If someone you know is interested in becoming a VA work-study student at Calvet, please have them apply by contacting or (916) 653-1402.

With the extra assistance in the Division, we will have more opportunities to expand outreach, advocacy, support, and information to women veterans.

Our first priority is restarting our bi-monthly Statewide Webinars, beginning in February 2019. These webinars discuss events, services, resources, and benefits for women veterans in California. Find more information about our Statewide Webinars here.

Springtime means lots of travel to great women’s events throughout the state, especially celebrations for the month of March as Women’s History Month and Women’s Military History Week in the third week of March.

If you have events you’d like to share with CalVet Women Veterans, or have questions about benefits and resources, contact us at (916) 653-1402 or Like us on Facebook too!

Statewide Women Veteran Webinars

Join us for our first webinar of the year! We’ll discuss what our Division and the Department have been working on for California veterans. Our featured speaker will be Joshua Zebley, Manager for the new CalTap program which connects military personnel to benefits, services, and information as they transition to civilian life.

February 4, 2019, 10am-11am PST

Click here for more info!

California Women Veterans Leadership Council
The Council needs more women!

The California Women Veterans Leadership Council (CWVLC) was formed in April 2016 to provide a statewide structure in which women veterans can share information and collaborate across regions in California about issues important to women who sered. To ensure representation in every part of the state, the Council needs more women veteran members. Please consider serving your community! Click here to learn more.


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